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Symposium contribution

The symposium contribution to Andreas Reckwitz' "Die Gesellschaft der Singularitäten" by Prof. Martina Löw is the first new publication in 2019 and can be retrieved here.



Martina Löw's new publication "Vom Raum aus die Stadt denken" have been recently published in the [transcript] Verlag and is available for 24,99€.

"More than three dimensions"

In a short article (in german) the "SFB 1265 - Refiguration of Space" gets introduced by the Berlin University Alliance.


Nadia Alaily-Mattar, Dominik Bartmanski, Johannes Dreher, Michael Koch, Martina Löw, Timothy Pape & Alain Thierstein (2018): Situating architectural performance: ‘star architecture’ and its roles in repositioning the cities of Graz, Lucerne and Wolfsburg, European Planning Studies, DOI: 10.1080/09654313.2018.1465896.

Article - "Reconstructing Berlin"

The article Reconstructing Berlin - Materiality and meaning in the symbolic politics of urban space (free access in TU-Net) by Dominik Bartmanski and Martin Fuller got recently published in the City Journal.

Special Issue - Current Sociology Vol. 65 (4)

Special Issue in "Current Sociology" Vol. 65 (4), July 2017,  regarding "Spatial sociology: Relational space after the turn" with articles by Prof. Martina Löw, Dr. Martin Fuller and Dr. Gunter Weidenhaus

Published books


Sociology of Space (Sociologie de l'espace)
now also available in French! 29,00€


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