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WS 2011/2012 - History of Urban Design

History of Urban Design
Nr. der LV
06371400 L 02
Fach lt. StuPO
Studiengang Urban Design:Modul P1, 3 ECTS Integrierte Veranstaltung + 3 ECTS Wahlpflicht.
Umfang (SWS/LP nach ECTS)
Montag 10-14 Uhr Beginn: 18.10.2010
H 3008
Cordelia Polinna
Eleonore Harmel
Cordelia Polinna
max. Teilnehmerzahl
Beschränkt auf Studierende des Studiengangs Urban Design.
Only students of the master of urban design are allowed to participate in this course.
Referat mit schriftlicher Ausarbeitung
An diesem Seminar können nur Studierende des Masterstudiengangs Urban Design bzw. des Studiengangs Dual Master Urban Design teilnehmen. Studierende anderer Studiengänge können sich gerne für andere Seminare des Fachgebiets Architektursoziologie anmelden.

Inhalt der Lehrveranstaltung

In this four-hour seminar students ought to gain an in-depth understanding of the history of urban design. We will be discussing the characteristics of the different epochs of urban design history, looking at various typologies of buildings, uses and public spaces, the stakeholders involved in planning processes, the addressees of the projects. This will be combined with excursions to places discussed in Berlin to give students the possibility to see and experience urban spaces themselves, to judge their qualities and to experience how they have developed over time. It is the aim of this seminar that the students gain an understanding of how urban design evolved over different periods of time, how various kinds of urban spaces were created throughout the centuries and that many of them still have important qualities. Getting an overview about key literature – manifestos – of urban design and discussing how they have influenced the discipline will also play a key role in the seminar. The seminar will include a mapping exercise, where students (in small groups) will do research about the historic layers of particular areas in Berlin. They should identify important historic structures in the area, point out how the area has developed over time and come up with ideas of how these historic traces could influence future planning strategies.

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