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Dr. Dominik Bartmanski

Scientific career
Master of Arts, Sociology & European Studies, University of Exeter
Master of Philosophy, Sociology, Yale University
Ph.D., distinction, Sociology, Yale University
Lecturer, Department of Sociology, TU Darmstadt
European Social Fund Postdoctoral Fellow, Masaryk University
Visiting Lecturer, Bard College Berlin
2015 - 
Research Associate, DFG-Project, Sociology Department, TU Berlin
Key activities
Sociology of culture
Sociology of the city
Sociology of music
Social Theory
Book Monographies
Bartmanski, D. and Woodward I. (2015): Vinyl. The Analogue Record in the Digital Age. London: Bloomsbury (Berg).
Book Monographies under contract
Bartmanski, D. and Woodward I. (vorr. 2017): Labels: Making Independent Music. London: Bloomsbury.
Edited Volume
Alexander, J.C. / Bartmanski, D. / Giesen, B. (2012): Iconic Power. Materiality and Meaning in Social Life. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.
Articles in peer-reviewed Journals
Bartmanski, D. (2015): Modes of Seeing: Analysis Interpretation and Criticism after the Iconic Turn in Social Sciences. Sociologica No. 1/2015.
Bartmanski, D. / Binder, W. (2015): Being and Knowledge: On some Liabilities of Reed's Interpretivism. Czech Sociological Review No. 3: 499-511.
Bartmanski, D. (2015): Refashioning sociological imagination: Linguality, Visuality and the Iconic Turn in Cultural Sociology. Chinese Journal of Sociology 1(1): 136-161.
Bartmanski, D. and Woodward I. (2015): The Vinyl. The Analogue Medium in the Age of Digital Reproduction. Journal of Consumer Culture 15(1): 3-27 (online 2013).
Bartmanski, D. (2013): How to practice Visual and Material Culture Studies: A Cultural Sociological Perspective. Sociologica No. 1/2013: 1-11.
Bartmanski, D. (2013): The Word/Image Dualism Revisited: Towards an Iconic Conception of Visual Culture. Journal of Sociology 49(4): 1-18 (online 2012).
Bartmanski, D. (2012): How to become an Iconic Social Thinker. The Intellectual Pursuits of Malinowski and Foucault. European Journal of Social Theory 15(4): 426-452.
Bartmanski, D. (2011): Successful Icons of Failed Time. Rethinking Post-communist Nostalgia. Acta Sociologica 54(3): 213-232.
Book Chapters
Bartmanski, D. (2016): "Iconicity" In: The Sage Handbook of Cultural Sociology (edited by David Inglis). London: Sage.
Bartmanski, D. (2014): Ein P/ostmodernes Totem. Wie man als kommunistische Ikone den Kommunismus überdauert. In: Spielplätze der Verweigerung. Gegenkulturen im östlichen Europa nach 1956 [Playgrounds of Insubordination: Countercultures in Eastern Europe after 1956] (edited by Christine Gölz and Alfrun Kliems). Köln: Böhlau Verlag, 202-222.
Bartmanski, D. (2013): Liminal Cityscape: Post-communist Warsaw as Collective Representation. In: Grubbauer, M. / Kusiak, J. (eds.): Chasing Warsaw. Socio-Material Dynamics of Urban Change since 1990. Frankfurt / New York: Campus Verlag, 133-162.
Bartmanski, D. (2012): Iconspicious Revolutions of 1989. Culture and Contingency in the Making of Political Icons. In: Iconic Power. Materiality and Meaning in Social Life. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 39-65.
Bartmanski, D. / Alexander, J.C. (2012): Introduction. Materiality and Meaning in Social Life: Toward an Iconic Turn in Cultural Sociology. In: Iconic Power. Materiality and Meaning in Social Life. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 1-12.
Bartmanski, D. / Eyerman, R. (2012): The Worst was the Silence. The Unfinished Drama of the Katyn Massacre. In: Narrating Trauma. On the Impact of Collective Suffering. Edited by Ronald Eyerman, Jeffrey C. Alexander and Elizabeth Breese. Boulder, Colorado: Paradigm Press, 237-266.


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