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Dr. Martin Fuller

Visiting Professor

Technische Universität Berlin
School VI: Planning Building Environment
Department of Sociology

Fraunhoferstraße 33-36
Sekretariatszeichen FH 9-1
10587 Berlin

Tel.: 73824
Fax.: 79494
Room: FH 813

Scientific career
Since 2014
Research Associate, Sociology Department, TU-Berlin -
(Since 2016 DGF-Eigene Stelle project FU 1091/1-1: Housing our Selves)
PhD. Cities, Canvases and Careers: Becoming an Artist in New York and Berlin.
Sociology, University of Cambridge
2010 - 2014
Leslie Wilson Research Scholar, Magdalene College, University of Cambridge
MPhil. Sociology, University of Cambridge
BA. Sociology and Economics, University of British Columbia
(2017) Fuller, M. / Moore, R. Jane Jacob’s The Death and Life of Great American CitiesA Macat Analysis. Routledge: Abingdon.
Peer-reviewed Articles
(2021) Fuller, M. Outsider Art. In: Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology, 2nd Edition. Wiley-Blackwell: Hoboken.
(2020) Fuller, M. Becoming a Planner. In: Johannes Lenhard & Farhan Samanani (eds). Home: Ethnographic Encounters. Bloomsbury: London. 101-116.
(2019) Fuller, M. / Ren, J. The Art Opening: Proximity and Potentiality at Events. Theory, Culture and Society. 36(7-8): 135-152.
(2017) Fuller, M. / Barmanski, D. Reconstructing Berlin: Materiality and Meaning in the Symbolic Politics of Urban Space. CITY. 22(2): 202-219.
(2017) Fuller, M. / Löw M. Introduction: An invitation to spatial sociology. Current Sociology. 65(4). doi.org/10.1177/0011392117697461
(2017) Fuller, M. Great spatial expectations: On three objects, two communities and one house. Current Sociology. 65(4). doi.org/10.1177/0011392117694071
(2015) Fuller, M. Less than Friends, More than Acquaintances: Artists, Markets and Gallery Openings in New York. International Review of Social Research. 5(2). doi.org/10.1515/irsr-2015-0011
Edited Volume
(2017) Fuller, M. / Löw, M. (eds) Spatial sociology: Relational space after the turn. Special issue with Current Sociology 65(4).
Other Publications
(2015) Fuller, M. Sociology of Art for Artists. Art Against Art. Issue 1.
(2014) Fuller, M. Social Capital. Art Papers. July/August.

Research Interests
Housing and home
Sociology of art
Urban sociology
Cultural sociology
Sociology of architecture





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